Get a car loan today with bad credit

What is a good apr for a car loan?

Would you like to buy a car in a very short time and need an emergency Lesterment solution? Depending on your profile and your income, you can benefit from a quick auto loan to realize your personal project. Indeed, today, it is possible to obtain a car credit online, without going through a physical appointment in a bank branch.

Where to get a good apr for a car loan? To get fast money when you buy a car, it can be clever to turn to online institutions (banks or credit organizations). Via an online form, you can apply on the Internet and get an answer in a short time.

Auto credit online with immediate response

Often, when you apply for auto credit online, you can benefit from an immediate response. This is called online auto credit with an immediate response. What is it exactly? Given the information you have entered in your application for a car loan, the lending bank makes an initial analysis of your file. If this first opinion is favorable, we send you an immediate response, also called answer or agreement in principle.

Obtaining an immediate response can be very fast, from 24h to 72h. However, please note that the time may be longer depending on the institutions and the periods and that it will take another period to receive the funds.

Auto credit with the immediate response: how’s it going?

The interest of auto credit online with the immediate response is simply to benefit from an accelerated version of conventional credit. The operation of auto credit online with the immediate response is as follows:

  • You are doing an auto credit simulation online;
  • You access the offers available for your profile;
  • If you are interested in one of the proposals, you send the relevant bank or credit institution your supporting documents so that they can study your file and obtain the first opinion of your solvency;
  • If the establishment has a positive opinion, you receive an immediate response, also called agreement in principle.
  • However, you must wait for the establishment’s final response to have your application for car credit officially accepted.

The auto credit with immediate response has no contractual value

The fast car loan is interesting since it allows you to speed up the application process. However, it is important to be aware that the first answer given, ie the immediate answer, has no contractual value. In a second, after a new study of your file, the bank or the credit organization has the right to cancel its offer. With immediate response, credit is granted subject to final validation.

It is the offer of loan that is authentic: as long as the bank or credit institution has not submitted this document to you, your application for auto credit with the immediate response is not guaranteed to succeed.

How to make a fast car loan?

To make a quick car loan, you can follow the same steps as for a classic car loan. You must already fill in information about your car purchase project (new car, used car, brand models, engine), your needs (amount to borrow, loan duration, amount of monthly payments) and your situation (professional, financial …).

If an offer of auto credit with immediate response meets your expectations, you can apply for your loan by sending the necessary supporting documents.

Auto credit with the immediate response: documents

  • An up-to-date identity document (identity card, passport, driving license, resident card …);
  • A proof of residence of fewer than 3 months (telephone, electricity, gas, water bill …);
  • Your last three payslips or any other proof of resource;
  • A RIB (bank account statement);
  • If it is an assigned credit, a purchase order for your car, signed by your dealer or garage.

Quick auto credit: pay attention to remain vigilant

The need for quick money can sometimes push you to quickly accept the terms of a car loan too quickly. To avoid unpleasant surprises, be very careful with the terms of your car loan, which must be included in your loan offer.

To check in priority:

  • The amount of the loan and its duration;
  • The car loan rate (or APR, the annual percentage rate of charge) and the type of rate (fixed rate, revisable rate);
  • The amount of the monthly installments to be paid;
  • The possibilities of early repayment.

As with any type of consumer credit, you benefit from a statutory withdrawal period of 14 days if you finally want to give up your fast auto credit.

Compare auto credits with immediate response

To find your auto loan with an immediate response at the best rate, the best solution is to compare loans online. On you just have to fill out a quick form to access the different offers the most advantageous for you. So, you will only have to compare quick auto credit quotes to get a fast Lesterment solution for buying a vehicle!

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