Car Loan: We found the best car

Are you looking for a way to finance your car purchase, but do you not want to hire it? Consumer credit will be a good alternative for you. But how not to fly? 

Put your money in your car show and go in your dream car – everyone can’t afford it. Are you one of those who has to look for another way of financing? Once popular leases are now replacing car loans. According to the Czech leasing and financial company, more and more car dealers are clamping on them. Why?

Leasing: You’re just a tenant of your own car

Leasing: You

The popularity of leasing is slowly rusting like old Skoda. Compared to a classic loan, it is practically a lease. The vehicle owner is not you, but a leasing company. In addition, it forbids you to rent a leased item as you please. Only after paying off all the installments and paying the residual price of the contract, the car will call you sir.

Do not trust everything your dealer gives you.  

It is absolutely necessary to get into credit agreements in this case. Only then will you reveal all the disadvantages that are not spoken aloud. Sellers have their customers read perfectly. Focus your attention on the nstallment itself. It will set it to be acceptable to you. And she is. You are pleased, you sign a contract and a boo. You suddenly realize that the repayment length is extended, you have a bold negotiation fee, and when you add up the total costs, you get dark. Congratulations, you missed it.

The car is yours, but you guarantee it

The car is yours, but you guarantee it

In addition, for many car loans, it is normal for your vehicle to be pledged. So a big technical card will be happy to repay in the credit company’s cash box. What does it mean, among other things? If necessary, you will not be able to sell your vehicle easily. First, you have to pay the remaining price, including the heavy penalty fees for early repayment, and then you can dispose of the car as you wish.

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